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Fernando Torres after today’s game - 23.07.2014

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Sansa was a lady at three, always so courteous and eager to please. She loved nothing so well as tales of knightly valor. Men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than I ever was, you can see that. I often sent away her maid so I could brush her hair myself. She had auburn hair, lighter than mine, and so thick and soft… the red in it would catch the light of the torches and shine like copper. ” – Lady Catelyn reminisces about her daughter

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one time this guy was hitting on me and he said “I’m loving the whole blonde hair, blue eyes thing” and I said “so did hitler” I literally said that to a person

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“Cheekbones… cheekbones.. everywhere”
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Robin Indar - Glowing Mosaic Skull (top view), 2011 

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Raquel Zimmermann in “Art Walk” by Willy Vanderperre for W Magazine, June/July 2014

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HQ - Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation Inaugurational Gala at Domaine Bertaud Belieu on July 23, 2014


My favorite window looks the best when it’s raining because it’s big and all of the raindrops stick like magnets and it makes me feel great.


I don’t understand why so many women are afraid of being called a “feminist” and they take it as an insult. When will women stop being afraid of standing up for other women?